Technical Specs



(1) Allen&Heath ZED 24 
- 24 channels available 
- 2 monitor mix 2 fx sends 
(1) RNC 1773 stereo compressor 
(1) MultiCom Pro XL 4 ch. Gate/ Comp./ Lim. 
(1) Alesis 3630 2 ch. Gate/ Comp./ Lim. 
(1) Ultragraph Pro GEQ3102 (monitor eq) 
(1) Ultragraph Pro FBQ6200 (main eq) 
SIDES - (2) 2x15" + 1" horn loaded compression driver 
Powered by - (1) EP4000 (2x15") + (1) EP1500 (horn) 
SUBS - (4) 18" Eminence Sigma Pro18A2 
Powered by - (2) EP 2500 (bridged mono) 
(3) JBL SRX700 wedges (1) JBL MRX500 wedge / drum fill 
(1) AKG D112 
(2) EV 660 
(4) Sennheiser e835 
(4) SM57 
(3) Whirlwind IMP2 
(2) Behringer Ultra DI100 
(1) Behringer Ultra DI400-P (1) Samson Direct plus stereo DI 
(1) Pro Co CB-1 DI (1) ROLLS Matchbox DB25 DI STANDS 
(7) Tall Boom Stands 
(2) Straight Stands (round base) 
(2) Medium Booms 
(4) Short Booms (1) double-braced single-tier keyboard stands (1) single-braced single-tier 
keyboard stands LIGHTS (2) LED panels aimed at stage (2) stage spots aimed at stage 
Please request in advance if you would like to use lasers and/or smoke machine

Glasslands does have a drumset. 

We recommend that you use it (with care) instead of your own gear where possible.
Ludwig custom -
16" x 20" kick drum
9" x 10"  tom
9" x 12"  tom
15" x 14" floor tom
hi-hat stand
ride cymbal stand
crash cymbal stand
kick pedal
Glasslands does not provide cymbals or snare.
In-house DJ gear
2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000 MK2
2 x Tecnics 1200
1 x Pioneer DJM 800
1 x Santon RM 406
Please note that that Glasslands has no electric guitar or electric bass amp. A DJ monitor is available, but no Serrato, no CDJs or turntable needles. To plug a recording apparatus into our PA mixing board costs $50.

Who do I email if I want to book a show or event at Glasslands?
You can email us at:

Is Glasslands all ages?.

If not otherwise stated all shows are 21+

Should I get drunk and leave my stuff at Glasslands?

No, try not to forget your cellphone, clothes, wallet, boyfriend or bag. We are not responsible for lost items.